name Most of my working life has been involved in helping people in crisis and life transitions. I started as a street cop where I learned to deal calmly with difficult and explosive situations. After graduating from college I left the PD and went to the largest independent insurance adjusting company in the world. There my background as a police officer was put to work investigating and dealing with victims of major accidents, arson and fire losses. After 15 years I transferred to handling catastrophe claims from natural disasters. What all these things had in common dealing with people in crisis. Along the way i spent 6 years as a shift supervisor with a large crisis center handling suicides, spousal abuse, drug and alcohol issues, rape, incest and people with codependency issues. In 1999 I completed a 2 year program to be a life coach and specialize in crisis issues like divorce.

Stinkin Thinkin and Divorce: Beliefs That Limit, Define and Defeat Us Part 1

26th September 2011
Surviving a divorce and reclaiming your life is closely tied to your beliefs. Humans are largely a product of their beliefs and values. Our feelings, choices and actions are determined by our beliefs about ourselves, our world and others. How we interpret... Read >